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Thought Adventures: Episode 03

Dave is continuing to gather new material for Season 2 of The Family Tree. But as a favour to Nathan, he’s also putting out episodes of Nathan’s new podcast, Thought Adventures, on The Family Tree podcast feed.


We think it’s important not to believe everything we’re told without thinking about it from all angles, even the ones that might not work the way we think angles work. That’s why we’ve created the new podcast, Thought Adventures. In Episode Three, we discuss how Mum and Jocelyn are WRONG, reflect on the hypothesis that a humming bird is a broken egg, learn about how the very act of comprehending infinity breaks it, and compare the results of our time travel experiments. We also set up our next investigation: can we attract aliens to abduct us?
We do apologise for the severe delay in getting Episode Three out to you, Thought Adventurers. But fear not: now it’s time for a Thought Adventure! It’s just like a thought experiment, but it’s fun!

Best wishes,

Nathan and Nigel


The Family Tree is a magical realist dramatic fiction about family, belonging, change and identity.

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