Cutting 5: Fantasies and Conspiracies

Today’s Cutting comes in two parts. After hearing Nathan’s concerns about the conflict between live action role play and table top gaming, Dave investigates this issue with the table top role-playing gamers from The Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast and LARPers, Zoe Prosser and Gary Blake. In the second half of the show, Dave focuses on some of Nathan’s other interests and speaks to the makers of the documentary, The Truth Is Out There, Dean Haglund (from The X-Files) and Phil Leirness, about conspiracy theories and other-worldly views.

The Family Tree‘s Cuttings discuss the real issues raised in the show with special guests from podcasting, journalism and the arts. They are also a space to showcase listener theories about the mystery. If you have a theory about what happened to Mark, you can call 0203 290 0592. Please be aware that your message may be played on the show.

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