The Family Tree Season 2 – Cuttings 1 – Flesh and Blood, Bark and Seed

In the first Cutting of season 2, Dave talks to Marlo Mack about her podcast How to Be a Girl and to Peter Wohlleben about his book The Hidden Life of Trees. From Marlo, he looks for guidance on balancing telling important true stories with protecting the lives of the people whose stories you’re telling. And from Peter, he finds out how trees feel and communicate, and considers whether there is precedent for humans and trees communicating with each other.

The Family Tree’s Cuttings discuss the real issues raised in the show with special guests from podcasting, journalism, religion and the arts.

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Marlo Mack:

How to Be a Girl

A little update from Marlo

Peter Wohlleben:

The Hidden Life of Trees

“The man who thinks trees can talk to each other”